software development since 2012.

My name is Jan-Oliver Tepper from Paderborn, Germany. I made my first professional game development experiences at Universit├Ąt Paderborn developing several games with business partners like Funatics at GamesLab.
After graduation I moved to Hamburg, Germany, and worked as Projectmanager for browser games at Bigpoint for Seafight, Deepolis and Kultan. Then I developed mobile games at Independent Arts Software in Hamm, Germany and later as iOS developer for appcelent back in Paderborn.
Now I'm teaching game design, game development (Unity/C#), 3D Arts (3dsMax, MudBox, Sunstance Painter, Materialize, Blender) and Database Development at bib International College Paderborn, where I develop with classes in their last semester Game Prototypes (see Projects.
In 2019 I started together with a collegue another side project at Sinethi to develop mini games just for fun.